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I offer custom transcription, arranging, composition, and copying at competitive rates. I have over 18 years of experience writing and arranging for a wide variety of ensembles, from jazz, funk, rock, and salsa bands to pit orchestras and classical groups. My writing has been performed and recorded by many Vermont artists including Ray Vega, Jennifer Hartswick, Barika, and Swale. As a copyeditor, I have worked extensively on several theatrical productions, including a 2016 New York Theatre Workshop production of Anais Mitchell's Hadestown (now on Broadway).

Please see below for details and examples, and feel free to contact me for more information or to get a quote for your project.


I can transcribe and notate music in a wide range of styles and formats, from classical orchestral works to modern jazz to heavy metal electric guitar solos. I strive for uncompromising accuracy, and aim to provide the fastest turnaround time possible – most projects can be completed within one week, many within three days.


I am fluent in orchestration, and can arrange written or recorded music to be performed by any instrument or ensemble you require. This is often requested in conjunction with transcription, but can be done independently as well.


I enjoy composing for all settings and occasions in a diverse assortment of genres. Whether you need music written ‘from the ground up’, or just require an additional layer for a piece such as a string or horn part, I am happy to help.


I create professional, digital scores from handwritten material.

Sample Audio

Excerpts from There's No One Here
•  These are clips of some horn writing I did for Swale for their 2017 release There's No One Here.
•  Featuring Swale (Eric Olsen, Amanda Gustafson, Jeremy Frederick, and Tyler Bolles) plus Bryan McNamara (alto, tenor, and bari saxes) and myself (trombones)

I'll Start By Opening
      •  This is a short chorale I wrote for eight saxophones and trombones.

All Down Tonight
      •  For this song, the horn parts were composed by Eric Olsen of Swale; I transcribed and arranged them for saxophones and trombones.

Wooden Heart
      •  Here, I wrote horn pads to back up the vocals and lead into the alto sax solo by Annakalmia Traver.

Excerpts from When The Time Comes
•  These are two clips of some writing I did for Barika's 2017 release When The Time Comes.

Banni (traditional; music and arrangement by Craig Myers and Barika)
      •   This is a soli I composed for five horns: Luke Laplant (bari sax), Jake Whitesell (alto/tenor sax), Dave Purcell (trumpet), Will Andrews (trumpet), and myself (trombone).

Dreams (Featuring Stephanie Heaghney) (Craig Myers/Andrew Moroz/Barika)
      •   This is a song I co-wrote with Craig Myers and Barika. I composed the chord progression; Craig and the band added all the rest of the elements, with lyrics and vocals contributed by Stephanie Heaghney.

Example Scores

Score for small orchestral ensemble
Example score
Solo transcription
Example score
Lead Sheet for bass
Example score