Sounds (Piano)

Solo Piano - Andrew Moroz (piano)

Allegiance (James Harvey)

Am I Blue (Harry Akst)


Duo - Emily Day (vocals) and Andrew Moroz (piano)

Body And Soul (Green/Heyman/Sour/Eyton)

I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Jimmy McHugh)


Trio - Robinson Morse (bass), Geza Carr (drums), and Andrew Moroz (piano)

I Loves You Porgy (George Gershwin)

ESP (Wayne Shorter)

Fleurette Africaine (Duke Ellington)


Quartet -- Bryan McNamara (alto sax), Rob Morse (bass), Geza Carr (drums), Andrew Moroz (piano)

Marionettes (Andrew Moroz)

Sort Of Simple (Bryan McNamara)

Tragicomedy (Andrew Moroz)


Sextet - Geza Carr (drums), Giovanni Rovetto (bass), Will Kirk (guitar), Zach Tonnissen (tenor sax), Tom Morse (tpt), and Andrew Moroz (piano)

Untitled (Andrew Moroz)

Mt. Harissa (Duke Ellington)